We currently are not selling firewood due to storage issues, this hopefully will not be permanent! In the meantime here is some advice on what fire wood is best for your fireplace (indoor&outdoor)... 
What kind of wood is best for my fireplace (indoor/outdoor)? 
The best wood to buy for your indoor fireplace is dense wood; like hickory, oak or maple. Ash is also good to use as, although its not as dense, it does burn well. Hickory wood is great for outdoor fireplaces as its burns hotter than oak and maple so its great for cooking! If you tend to use your fireplace a lot of the year then Birch is also a great option too as it burns well even when it is unseasoned. 
Where and how long should I leave my wood to dry (season)? 
If you have freshly-cut wood its best to keep it outside where there is sunlight and a fresh breeze. The sunlight and breeze will help to draw out the moisture and dry the wood out making it easier to burn. 
The key to seasoning (drying out) firewood is stacking the wood making sure it’s not pressed up against a wall; there needs to be room for a breeze. It is best to split and stack your wood in the early spring when it becomes warmer and there will be more sunshine, then by winter it should be ready to use! To speed the process up slightly you can criss-cross cut the ends to allow air to get in and draw out the moisture.  
Types of wood, their advantages and disadvantages: 
+Hot Burning 
+Very Dense 
+Should be seasoned for at least a year 
-Can spark a lot causing heavy smoke 
+Splits and Burns easy 
-Burns at a low temperature 
+Hot Burning 
-Can be difficult to split 
+Should be seasoned for at least a year 
+Very Dense and Hard 
-May give off an odd odour when burning. 
-Can be difficult to split 
+Smells sweet when burning 
+ - Although it sparks a lot, it doesn’t produce lots of smoke 
+Burns at a medium temperature 
- Not good for firewood 
- Burns messy 
- Lots of sap 
+Burns bright and quick 
+Hot Burning 
+Good for fire starting 
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