Here are some ideas on how to make the most of out your tree/hedge works... 
Once we have complete your tree or hedge works there may be some left over bits which can be very useful. Usually we take everything away and leave your gardens looking neat and tidy. However there are some things that you could keep to make your garden even better! 
Firewood – If you are having a large tree/hedge reduced or removed you can use the left over wood for your fireplace or wood burning stove. We can cut the wood into the right size and stack it in a dry place for you. Generally, firewood takes about 6 months to season so if you stack your wood now it should hopefully be ready for winter! 
Wood chip - If you don’t have a fireplace or wood burning stove you can still get use out of the left-over wood; we can chip it into wood chip. Wood chip is great for many things: 
• It is a great Mulch for your soil. If you cover your soil with about 2 inches it helps to keep the moisture in and blocks the sun from burning the soil on hot days. It also makes it harder for weeds to grow. It also looks lovely around the boarders of your garden where you may have plants or bare areas. So if you are trying to renovate your garden during lock down, wood chip is very handy! 
• Wood chip can also save you a bit of money! If you want to create a pathway in your garden but can’t get someone out during lock down/it is too costly. Wood chippings are a great alternative. It can be used as paths in your garden, schools, farms, nurseries… 
• If you have children or work with children, wood chip is great for all ages. You can use it as a safe play surface or use it with younger children/babies to get them used to different textures and being outside, it can be lots of fun for everyone! 
• Fire starter – Wood chip is a great Fire starter for small fires. 
Tree stumps - If you do not want to remove and grind out your tree stumps, there are many things you can do to make it look pretty. Depending on the size of the stump, once you have had it treated (to ensure it doesn’t grow back) you can do anything from creating a seat to a small table, a bird bath, a planter… We can leave the tree stump at a height that works best for you and your project. 
Left over branches/leaves - These can be used to create dens; great fun for those young at heart and/or children! You can use branches to create a hut, tree stumps/slabs of wood for seating, leaves/wood chip for insulation and flooring. It is a great project for the whole family to get stuck into, especially with this lovely weather!he full post. Click on this text to edit it. 
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