Thinking about getting your tree's pruned but not sure if now is the right time? Have a read of our blog which explains when its best to carry out these works and why... 
Pruning: Why, How, When...? 
What is Pruning and why is it good? 
Pruning is the process of selectively removing parts of a plant/tree (branches, buds, roots...) that are overgrown or dying. Dead wood makes a tree more susceptible to diseases and infestation. Cutting away dead and/or overgrown parts of a tree promotes healthier growth. Trees that flower or produce fruit benefit a lot from pruning as it increases flowering and fruit production by improving the health of the tree. 
How much should I Prune? 
Pruning should only be done when necessary (branches are dead/overgrowing); you should never remove more than you need to. Typically, 25% of the tree’s branches should be enough as if you remove too much the tree may not survive. 
When should I Prune? 
Generally pruning or most tree works should be done during dormancy. This is typically in late Autumn and Winter when there won’t be many nests or animals in the trees/bushes rather than in Spring when nesting season begins. Pruning during springtime may also cause the tree to bleed sap; this is not good for the tree as it loses lots of important nutrients. 
Nesting season begins in March and we are booking up fast for works in February. So if you would like to get a free quote please don't hesitate to contact us. (Tel: 0800 862 0863). 
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