Stump Treatment, Reductions & Removals  

We offer free quotations and advice for all types of tree works, to find out more about some of the services we offer, click on the headings below. 
If you're not sure what work you require then, get in touch, we can arrange for someone to pop out and assess your trees for any signs of deadwood, disease or issues. 
For returning customers, we can set regular reminders for you, when it is time to undertake certain work - one less thing for you to remember! Just let us know if you would like us to do this for you. 

Stump Treatments 

After having a tree or hedge removed, you will be left with a stump, we can treat this for you to prevent regrowth or you can do it yourself - there are two options for this. 
Liquid Treatment -  
You can use liquid treatments such as 'RoundUp - Tree Stump & Root Killer' to treat a stump and prevent regrowth - this is relatively cheap and can be purchased online. Our posion leaves a blue / green colouring which gets absorbs into the stump and it's root system. This can wash off in the rain so, be sure to keep an eye out for growth and if needs be, we can retreat it. As this is a chemical, it would be best to keep the area secure from pets and children for at least 24hrs while it sinks in.  
Eco Plugs -  
Eco plugs can be more expensive compared to the liquid treatment but, they do have other benefits. The plugs are small and white, they are drilled directly into the stump and slowly release chemicals once inside - they are safe to leave in around pets and children. The plugs are good because you know that the chemical has definitely gone into the stump and therefore should do it's job just fine!  

Stump Reductions  

You may want to preserve and make use of an old or new stump, we can reduce it to a useable height for example, you may want to use it as a seat or to place a bird bath on. 
Once treated, a stump can take many years to rot down and decompose so, if you don't want the stump to regrow, have it treated once it's at a useable height.  
Stumps and deadwood can also provide natural habitats for wildlife so, if you're not bothered about having a stump removed, why not leave the wood around the garden for them to use.  
If you're looking for a quote or advice then, feel free to send some over via email or WhatsApp as we can often quote on stump work using these. 

Stump Removals  

Once a tree has been felled, you will be left with a stump and it's root system below ground, you can have this removed if needs be. If you are redesigning the garden or building an extension then you may need it removed to continue with your project - We can help!  
We have grinders that can destroy stumps in a matter of minutes. The stump grinder will typically reach at least 6 inches below ground level to ensure it gets to the entire stump. The remaining root system underground can be left to rot down as they are not visible. Depending on the size of the tree that was removed, you may need to remove some of the root system as well. 
Not all stumps have to be ground out using our machine, some smaller stumps can be dug out using other tools and equipment so, best to ask for advice from an expert.  
We can usually quote and advise on stump work from photos so, feel free to send some over via email or whatsapp.  
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