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Suzanne Brown 
I am Ray's Wife and I have been part of the business for over 6 years. My role within the business is helping Jaz (step daughter) with all aspects of administration, general management of the business and it's development. 
Recently, I have been stepping back from the business to promote my Charity: Als Pals; which I started in memory of my dad, Alan, who I lost to Cancer. Als Pals is a cancer buddy scheme based in Milton Keynes University Hospital and to find out more please head to... I am also proud to be a Charity Ambassador of MK Hospital Charity as well. 
Aside from this, in my spare time, I love to take on personal fundraising challenges and so far I have completed 2 Skydives, a wing walk, hot coal walk, Half Marathon, 10K challenge and last year participated in my hardest challenge yet Ultra White Collar Boxing. 
My proudest achievement, apart from my 3 beautiful children, was completing a part time Law degree and this certainly helps me in Business. I love going to the Gym reguarly and socialising. I have also been brave enough to start singing at open Mic nights and recently have managed to get a few small gigs. 
Scott Harrison  
Scott has been with us for many years now, he started when he finished his tree course at Moulton College back in 2015/16. He is now one of our top climbers and works with us full time. Scott is polite, professional and always makes sure a job is 'polished' before leaving site; he will go the extra mile to ensure your garden is left almost cleaner than when we arrived! 
"Browns took me on after my college course at Moulton and I have been with them ever since. Not only do I love the job but I love people, as a team we often meet up outside of work for a recreational climb or a drink. I currently have a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Arboriculture and many relevant tree tickets (CS30/31/38/39); tree surgery is something I have always and probably always will have a real passion for! I love heights and having fun, I recently completed a Skydive and can't wait to book another! 
On site my typical duty is being the Team Leader of my group, delegating roles to the other staff members on site and assisting them with tasks where necesarry. Myself and Matt are the main climbers of our team and are usually in the trees/hedges doing the climbing and cutting work while the others will be our eyes on the ground, clearing up and assisting us as we go along." 
Ryan Spearing 
This is our lovely Ryan, he has worked with us for about a year now and is a talented young man. Not only does he work hard on site as a groundsman but many of the videos and photos you will to see on our social media were taken and edited by Ryan himself. Like Toby, he also started as a part time subcontractor and has worked his way up to join our full time employees.  
"I've enjoyed working at Browns so far and have made good friends with the lads; we often go to the skate park and climbing together, outside of work. I have always enjoyed being active, when I was younger I was a keen footballer and played hockey, I regularly competed as part of a team in these sports. Now I particularly enjoy 
skateboarding and travel all over the UK to try new skate parks.  
In general, my role on site, is a groundsman. I am always assisting the climbers by dragging and chipping vegegation being cut down or trimmed, loading, unloading and taking care of the vehicles, ensuring the right equipment is taken to every job etc... While on site I am always looking for good photo opportunities as I love making and editing videos in my spare time; I have my own gopro which I bring to site sometimes as well." 
Justin Bayes 
Justin is one of our newest team members, like Rik and Amy, he is completing a Diploma Level 3 course in Forestry and Arboriculture at Moulton college and is working for us alongside this, to gain more experience. Though his current role is a groundsman he does have experience climbing and felling trees and as he gains the right tickets we look forward to seeing him progress as a climber. Justin also takes on many of our stump grinding jobs along with Rik; they make a good team.  
"I only recently started working with Browns but so far it has been a good experience and I am learning new tricks and tips everyday from Ray and the other lads. Prior to covid, 2019-2020, I travelled to Canada to gain experience in the Arb industry.  
I am a fast learner and picked things up pretty quickly when I started as a groundie in Canada. At first, my duties including things like leaf blowing, chipping waste, refuelling machinery, vehicle checks and maintenance. I eventually was given the oppurtinity to operate saws for cross cutting, pruning and also hedge trimming. Not long after, working my way up to felling some small trees and climbing larger ones, up to 80ft. 
Though the UK isn't quite like Canada, I do still enjoy the work and look forward to refining my skills and expanding my knowledge with Browns and on my college course at Moulton. 
Outside of work I love to play Rugby with friends and also for my local team. I also enjoy reading and online gaming." 
This is our handsome Frank 'The Boxer' Brown, he is 8 years old (56 in dog years but don't tell him that!). He may be getting older but he certainly isn't slowing down, he loves going on regular walks with his sister Betty and as always, playing with his (tennis) balls.  
Getting old isn't always bad, we now refer to Frank as our 'old wise man' ; he is such a good role model for Betty and is always teaching her right from wrong and putting her in her place when she's being a rascal! Since getting Betty, it has helped Frank to remember what it is like to be a puppy and play. After the loss of our beautfiul Lucy last year, Frank was never the same but he has certainly come along way since meeting his beautiful sister Betty.  
Ray Brown 
I have been a tree surgeon for 25+ years and started my own business, over 20 years ago. I love climbing trees and the thrill of the job, but sadly, I have had to retire from climbing full time; due to a number of injuries. I have replaced the thrill of climbing with my love for running and swimming. 
Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work in Germany alongside a world class climber who then went on to be a Welsh and UK climbing champion, which was very inspirational. Our tree works take us all over the region and we have completed work for the 2012 Olympics in London, we also felled the trees at the Big Brother House and more recently we carried out tree operations to enable the new car Park at John Lewis in CMK to be built. 
I generally spend my time quoting and running the business but can often be seen helping the guys out on site; drinking tea and chatting. In my spare time I also enjoy playing Bass and listening to music. I love being outdoors and love to climb mountains. I have climbed the 3 peaks and would love to climb Mount Blanc. I also enjoy watching Rugby and taking my youngest son to Olney and Northampton Saints rugby clubs reguarly. 
Arborist Team Leader  
We are looking to hire someone on a subcontractor basis, but there is opportunity for full-time employment, if you fit the role well. Salary of £30,000 - £40,000 dependent upon experience, attitude, qualifications, and capabilities. Further training will be given, if you are right for the role, which can then lead to more responsibilities.  
In general, your duties may include, running one of our teams on a day-to-day basis, resolving issues where possible and if not referring to business owner and current manager, Ray. Ray started this business in 1998 and has run it ever since, as we expand, and work is getting busier, we need an extra pair of hands to help manage the tree side of our business. Especially as we sell firewood as well, things can get very busy, very quickly! 
Applicants are required to have experience in the Arboriculture industry. This job may be well suited to someone who has been a climber and is now unable to do as much physical work but still looking to stay in the industry? Or, you may be an experienced climber looking to prove yourself more and become a leader/manager; either way we hope we’re the business you’re looking for! 
Matt Sharpless 
This is Matt, who has also been with us since he left college a number of years ago. Matt is highly skilled and super friendly; he always makes sure the customer has a smile on their face after finishing a job.  
"Myself and Scott started with Browns at the same time, after finishing our college course at Moulton almost 6 years ago now. Working for Browns is great because not only am I doing something I have a great passion for but also doing it with great people.  
Rik Boon  
Rik 'The Beast' Boon, is currently enrolled at Moulton college completing a Diploma Level 3 Forestry and Arboriculture course and works with us part time to further his knowledge and refine his skills. He may look and work like a beast but he would not hurt a fly! Rik is highly motivated and driven; we cannot wait to take him on full time when he finishes college. He loves to get stuck in, no matter the job, he will often stay late to get things finished and is always willing to help Ray out with extra work on the weekends. 
"Over the past couple of months I have been working with Browns a few days a week, alongside studying for my tree course at Moulton college. It has been great to meet new people and gain more experience in the Arboriculture industry.  
I love to be busy and am very commited to my work. Not only am I completing an extended college course and working part time for Browns but I also work at my local Tescos as a customer service assistant and delivery driver.  
Being outside and active is a must for me, I have always loved being part of a team as well. In the past I played for England U17’s handball team and I completed the Advance Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence program. I have also studied and lived abroad in Denmark, where I gained a job as a bike mechanic.  
I look forward to gaining more tree related knowledge, experience and qualifications and will definitely be considering staying on with Browns full time once I have finished college." 
Betty Boo 
Betty likes to think she is the boss around the house and office; always letting us know when there is an intruder (the postman) or making sure Frank isn't sleeping on the job. She is still a puppy, less than a year old, but probably weighs the same as a baby bear; she eats anything and everything which is great for clearing up! 
There is never a silent moment with Betty in the office, she is either barking, snoring, farting or sniffing around for food; she keeps us on our toes but also a smile on our faces, everyday!  
Jazmine Brown 
I started working with my dad, Ray, in 2019; helping out in the office and occasionally on site. I now work, full time, in the office alongside Suzanne and help run the business. I have always been interested in becoming part of the family business which has been going since 1998; before I was born! Although I am not on site with the lads every day, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and help when necessary! 
I also work at David Lloyd; I have worked there since 2016, doing various roles from, reception to F&B, Kids Coach and now I am a qualified swim coach, teaching children from the ages of 3/4yrs upwards to swim.  
I’ve always loved nature, being outdoors and active. I did gymnastics and tumbling from the age of 5 to 16yrs old; competing all over the region, even Jersey! Over the years I have climbed all 3 peaks (Snowden, Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis) , completed a half marathon and a midnight moo. Myself, Suzanne and others took part in a skydive last year (2020) to raise money for her new Charity: Als Pals, in memory of her father, Alan William Dumbell and we have already organised another one for July 2021! 
I am currrently doing online courses to increase my knowledge of trees and aboriculture in general. I am hoping one day I will be able to take the reigns from my Dad and run the business to keep it going through the family.  
Jake Billingham 
Toby Radforth 
Otherwise known as the 'Ginger Ninja' , Toby started with us as a part time subcontractor last year in October and has been a great help to our teams so far. Starting with litte experience, Toby has come a long way, already gaining his 'Cross cutting, maintenance and felling tickets' and lots of knowledge and he is now part of our team of full time employees.  
"As time goes on I am learning more and more on the job, the lads are a great help and always offer to show me new tricks and let me have a go at climbing and cutting. In general I am on groundsman duties which involves efficiently loading and unloading the equipment on site and at the yard; making sure saws are sharp and other equipment has been filled with fuel, clearing up after the climbers by dragging and chipping fallen debris. I love big tree removals as I love the thrill of being up high and taking down large pieces of timber; often using specialist lowering equipment and techniques. 
I am quite the ninja, always running about doing a bit of free running here and there, I also love skate boarding and BMXing; they are real passions of mine. I do also like climbing outside of work with the lads up the woods, I am a thrill seeker for sure!" 
Amy Daly  
This is Amy, she is also studying the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Arboriculture and Forestry at Moulton. She may not look as beastly as the boys but she definitely works as hard! Amy currently has her Chainsaw Cross Cut and Maintenance & Safe use of a Chipper certificates; so her main role is a groundie. But as she progresses through college and gains more qualifications, knowledge and experience she will begin to learn the ways of a climber.  
"It has been a good experience working for Browns so far and I look forward to gaining more qualifications at college to enable me to climb and fell trees as my aspiration is to become a climber. Currently, I work as a groundie and assist the lads with a variety of tasks from cutting logs into manageable pieces for us to stack on the van and remove from site, chipping waste and clearing debris etc.  
Previously, I have worked for another tree firm where I was given the opportunity to use chainsaws, pole pruners, chippers and trimmers; I look forward to refinding my skills with Browns.  
I enjoy working outside as I am very passionate about nature, especially trees and environmental conservation. I'm also an active person and enjoy going on walks in the woods with my friends. In my spare time, I volunteer as a Youth Support Worker for a charity called 'Q Alliance' who provide safe spaces for vulnerable LGBTQ+ individuals." 
Smokey is Jaz's newest edition to the Brown family, only 4 months old! Slowly but surely he is coming out of his shell and finding his feet around the office. Luckily Smokey will be staying with Jaz in her own home; he won't have to put up with Bettys snoring at night like Frank!  
He may be little but is certainly fierce, always playing with Betty and giving her a taste of her own puppy medicine. We can't wait to watch him grow and become best of friends with Frank and Betty.  
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