As a business we are thankfully still working, however we have put guidelines in place to protect our customers and staff... 
Browns Tree Solutions Ltd are always committed to the safety and well-being of our employees and customers, but in these unprecedented times, with an enhanced level of care during the Covid-19 pandemic. To achieve this, we are complying with the Coronavirus Act 2020 by following the Public Health England and Government Guidance. 
Browns Tree Solutions confirm we are working to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus to protect both employees, and customers. 
We can confirm that no personnel working at our premises have travelled in the last 21 days to: 
China /Iran / Northern Italy / South Korea / Hong Kong / Japan / Macau / Malaysia / Singapore / Cambodia / Laos / Myanmar / Vietnam 
Compliance with Public Health England and Government Guidance on Covid-19 is 
achieved on essential site work by: 
 Observing social distancing. Where this cannot be achieved, for example in a shared vehicle, or due to the task, then face masks will be worn. 
 Should contact with the customer be required, then social distancing will be maintained, or communication via phone, text, email or video link as agreed with the client. 
 Hand washing will take place regularly for 20 seconds using soap and water. If welfare facilities are not available, then hand sanitiser will be used. 
 Personnel will, to reduce the spread of germs when they cough or sneeze cover their mouth and nose with a tissue, or their sleeve (not their hands)if they don’t have a tissue. The tissue will be retained until it can be safely disposed of. 
 Tools and equipment will be cleaned regularly using our regular cleaning products. 
 Personnel who believe they have symptoms of Corvid-19 will stay at home and self- isolate in accordance with the current guidance from Public Health England. 
Any deviation to this policy has to be agreed by the Directors of Funeral Supplies Ltd. 
To assist with meeting current Government Covid-19, it has been necessary to introduce new operating 
protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Browns Tree Solutions have developed protocols to support the following: 
o Covid-19 Policy 
o Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Method Statement 
o Coronavirus Safeguarding document 
These documents and the operating protocols have been developed to meet the requirements of the Public 
Health England and Government Covid-19 guidance. 
1. All customers are to be asked to confirm over the telephone that they or anyone in the household are 
self-isolating or shielding. 
a. No work will be undertaken if an engineer arrives and people are in isolation or shielding. 
2. Browns Tree Solutions will telephone the customer informing them that the team are on their way to 
their house. 
3. On arriving at the customers house, the team will call the customer and advise them they have 
arrived and could they open the door to facilitate access to the property. 
4. Maintaining a social distance of 2 metres, Browns Tree Solutions will ask the customer where the tree 
etc. is located and how they can get to the work area. 
5. Browns Tree Solutions personnel will remind the customer that they both must adhere to social 
distancing and the customer should remain in the house whilst the tree work is being carried out. If 
needed, personnel will shout for the customer. 
6. On completion, staff will advise the customer. They will step back from the work area to permit social 
distancing to be made whilst the customer checks the work. 
7. The work are will be left clean and tidy. 
8. The customer will be told that the virus my last for 72 hours and they should refrain from touching 
the tree. 
9. On completion of all the above, Browns Tree Solutions personnel will kindly ask the customer to open 
the access gate or open all the doors so they can safely leave the customers home. 
10. Finally, any PPE used by the engineer will be removed for safe disposal and they will use a alcohol 
based sanitising gel to clean his hands. 
If you have any questions regarding our policies or statements please do not hesitate to contact us :) 
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