In this Browns Tree Solutions' blog we will talk about how British weather affects our work as tree surgeons. As a tree surgery company, we operate throughout the year, in all types of weather conditions. However, there are certain situations where the weather can become dangerous, and we need to adjust our approach. In this article, we will discuss how we deal with different weather conditions and what you should look out for during poor weather. 
Rain can be an issue for some outdoor work, but for us, it's business as usual. However, when the rain is heavy, it can make working conditions difficult. We make sure that all our equipment is safe to use in wet conditions and that our employees have the necessary PPE. This includes waterproof clothing, boots, and gloves. It's important to note that working in heavy rain can be dangerous, as it can make the ground slippery and unstable, so we will always assess the situation before proceeding. Just take into account that it may take slightly longer to complete the job during poor weather. 
Snow and ice can also pose a risk when it comes to tree surgery. Heavy snow can cause branches to break, and the weight of the snow can make trees unstable. In this situation, we will assess the trees and prioritize those that pose the most danger. Ice can affect the grounds so depending on the location and whether the roads are gritted we may not be able to access your property. If we do though then we will make sure to take extra care and time when completing the works. We will also ensure that our employees have the necessary PPE, such as slip-resistant boots and gloves, to ensure their safety. 
High winds can be the most dangerous weather condition when it comes to tree surgery. Strong winds can make trees unstable and cause branches to fall unexpectedly. If winds reach a certain speed, it can become unsafe to work, and we will postpone the work until it's safe to do so. Our team of experts will always assess the situation and make a decision based on safety. 
When it comes to poor weather, there are certain things you should look out for. If you have trees on your property, check for any branches that may have become unstable due to the weather. Look out for trees that are leaning or have visible signs of damage. If you notice any of these signs, contact a professional tree surgeon immediately. 
In conclusion, at Browns Tree Solutions, we take safety seriously, especially during extreme weather conditions. We have the necessary equipment and PPE to ensure that our employees are safe when carrying out tree surgery in all types of weather. If you are concerned about the safety of your trees during poor weather, contact us, and we will assess the situation and provide you with a solution that ensures the safety of your property and everyone around it. 
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