Domestic Works 
All aspects of tree, hedge and stump related work  

Domestic Tree & Hedge Works 

If you’ve been looking for tree experts in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area to provide professional tree surgery services, look no further! At Browns Tree Solutions, we can help ensure that you receive high-quality crown thinning, hedge cutting or tree removal services. Our tree experts always keep up to date with best practices and we guarantee all of our work. 
Whether you have a large or small garden, we can provide the advice and service you need for the space you have. If you need to trim back overhanging branches or you’re concerned that a tree is impacting the foundations of your home, we can help. As well as regular pruning services, we can also come out if you have an emergency. If your tree has been damaged because of a storm or is diseased, don’t hesitate to call. We’re well renowned for the quality of our tree surgery and for our excellent customer service! 

Our Process 

The process we follow is outlined below, we stick to this where possible. We use a system called 'Xero' for our financing so once Ray has visited, your quote will be typed up on our system and emailed across to you where you will be able to review, accept or decline it. 
We are always happy to discuss our quotes and pricing so once you have received it, make sure you let us know of any concerns. It's really that simple; we take away any worries that you may have and complete the work, on time and in a professional manner.  
Once the work has been completed to spec and you are happy, our team will clear their work area and remove all waste, unless otherwise requested by yourself. Removal of waste will automatically be factoured into your quotation and will include the chipping and removal of branches etc that come from your tree or hedge, anything that cannot be chipped will be cut up and taken back to our yard to be processed and sold on as firewood or other related products. 
1. Give us a call or drop us an email with some information on the work or advice you require. It is sometimes helpful to attach photos as well :) 
2. Ray will then decide if a site visit is necessary or if he can price and advise from photos, a report or other resources.  
3. Once a site visit has been completed, we will type up your quotation and it should be emailed or posted to you within 24 hours. 
4. When you receive the quote, let us know if you have any questions as we are always happy to discuss. You can accept and decline the quote on our system; Xero. 
5. If you decide to accept the quote then we will arrange a date for the works as soon as possible or when we recommend. 
6. After the work has been completed, we will send over an invoice for payment and, check that you're happy with the work and our service. 
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