Come rain or shine, we're here to provide you with not only expert arboricultural advice but, expert tree and hedge maintenance services.  
While it is nice to sit back and watch your garden grow and flourish as the winter frost gives way to the promise of spring, it is still important to maintain your vegetation - But, don't stress, Browns are here to help! 
Essential Tree Care Recommendations: 
Pruning Precision: 
Consider scheduling a professional pruning session for your trees during late winter. This strategic approach ensures optimal shaping and encourages vigorous growth as the warmer months approach. Pruning trees too late or early can stunt it's growth and negatively affect the trees health. Contact us for expert arboricultural advice! 
Vigilant Pest Monitoring: 
Assume the role of a vigilant guardian by inspecting your trees for signs of pests or diseases. Early identification empowers you to take timely action, safeguarding the well-being of your arboreal companions. 
Thoughtful Planting: 
Should you entertain the idea of expanding your arboreal family, late winter is an opportune moment. The cooler temperatures provide a conducive environment for the new additions to acclimate before the arrival of summer's warmth.  
Mulch Mastery: 
Elevate your tree care regimen by applying a layer of mulch around the base of your trees. This acts as a protective shield, regulating soil temperature, curbing weed growth, and preserving essential soil moisture. We sell woodchip mulch through our sister business: Firewood Fuel MK. Check out our website to find out more: 
Client-Side Safety Awareness: 
Prioritize safety by conducting a thorough examination of your garden tools and equipment. Ensuring that your safety gear is in optimal condition contributes to a secure environment for both you and your trees. 
Works to Approach with Caution: 
Conservative Evergreen Attention: 
While the late winter months allow for certain pruning activities, exercise caution when contemplating extensive pruning for your evergreen trees. Allow these specimens to retain their winter charm until the warmer days of spring. 
Temperature-Considerate Planting: 
Exercise prudence when introducing frost-sensitive trees to your garden. Check local weather forecasts to avoid exposing these additions to unfavorable late frost conditions. 
Moderate Watering Practices: 
Resist the impulse to overwater your trees during this period. The colder temperatures naturally reduce water uptake, and excessive moisture may lead to complications such as root rot. Opt for measured and strategic watering to sustain your trees. 
Client-Side Safety Awareness: 
Heighten your awareness of safety protocols even during the quieter seasons. Ensuring that your garden implements and equipment are well-maintained creates a secure environment for both you and your landscape. 
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