Browns Tree Solutions: Your Tree Care Superheroes! 
Hey there, tree enthusiasts... Welcome to Browns Tree Solutions, your ultimate tree care experts in the UK. We're the squad of arborists always ready to swoop in and save the day - From tree pruning and felling to site clearances and management, we've got it all covered.  
When you receive a quote for tree and hedge related work it can sometimes be hard to understand the termonology so, grab a cuppa, sit back, and let's dive into this blog which explains the awesome services we offer and what some of the terms we use mean... 
🌳 Tree Maintenance: 
Tree maintenance covers everything from Crown Reductions, Thinning or Raising, Deadwood Removal and Pollarding. Crown refers the the head of a tree, basically the branches of the tree, not including the trunk / base. 
Crown Reduction -  
Process of removing branch tips. 
Pruning and reducing larger branches back. 
Reduces the height and/or spread of the crown.  
Can reduce shade and light loss in gardens and stop the tree overhanging your drive or neighbors garden.  
Crown Raising -  
Removal of the lowest branches in the crown. 
Preparing other lower branches for future removal. 
Reduces the weight of the crown. 
Should not include removal of large branches growing directly from the trunk.  
Can create more space between the tree and ground below which increases light to areas close to the tree. 
Crown Thinning -  
Removal of small portions of branches, on the outer crown of a tree. 
Helps to produce a uniform density of foliage and an evenly spaced structure. 
Allows more light to pass through the crown but, doesn't alter the overall size and shape of the tree. 
You should not exceed more than 30% of the overall tree.  
It can reduce the weight of the tree and wind resistance.  
Pollarding -  
Pruning system involving the removal of upper branches of a tree. 
Initial removal of the top of a young tree. 
Once started it should be repeated - always retaining the initial pollard point. 
Can promote the growth of a dense head of foliage. 
Deadwood Removal -  
Removal of non living branches or stems which may have died due to natural ageing or external influences. 
Dead limbs can break off during high winds and storms so make sure to get your trees regularly inspected and assessed for deadwood. 
There you have it, tree enthusiasts - Browns Tree Solutions are the tree care superheroes you never knew you needed! We're armed with a range of services, from pruning and shaping trees and hedge to felling, stump grinding and emergency care. 
So, what are you waiting for? Don't let your unruly trees sulk in silence or your hairy hedges become the talk of the town. Reach out to Browns Tree Solutions and let us work our magic! 
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