Trees are one of the best landscaping features you can have in your garden and of course an important part of our ecosystem. From beautiful blossom to magnificent oak trees, they can make a huge difference to the surrounding space. However, they do come with responsibility. As living plants, trees do require regular maintenance to remain healthy and safe. 
Without proper maintenance or sometimes due to old age, trees can become very dangerous so preventative measures are key - this is where tree surgeons come in. As a tree specialist, tree surgeons offer a range of services including pruning, felling, disease treatments and tree removal. 
If you want your trees to remain in great condition for years to come or perhaps you’re concerned about one of your trees, we’re here to help. In this blog, we explain some of the top signs that you require help from a tree specialist. Read on for all you need to know. 
When should you call local tree surgeons? 
Adding trees to your garden is a great way of creating shade, diversifying your green landscape and creating a focal point for your outdoor space. While trees are fairly independent and trouble-free, this doesn’t mean that they should be ignored entirely. If your tree has grown wildly or is showing signs of disease, for example, it’s time to call in the professionals. 
Here are some of the top indicators that it's time to call your tree surgeons. 
Overhanging tree limbs 
As your tree grows, overhanging tree limbs become more common. Branches may start to cross over into your neighbour’s boundary which could result in disagreements, plus overhanging branches may weaken and increase the chances of them falling off. It’s a good idea to.invest in tree trimming services so your trees and bushes stay neat. 
Diseased trees 
It’s very common for trees to be ignored while the rest of the garden is tended to and this can result in diseases spreading quickly throughout the plant. Since there are thousands of organisms that live on the surface of the tree disease is almost inevitable but it still needs to be handled properly. Signs of disease include fungus on the tree's bark, dead branches, splits in the bark, crumbling wood and more. It’s important that these changes are treated as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring. 
Trees in the way of landscaping projects 
Whether you’re building a loft extension, conservatory or starting a landscaping project, trees can get in the way. To continue safely, calling a tree surgeon could be your best option. They can assess the situation and find the right course of action for your needs whether that’s trimming back the tree or removing it completely. If you do not get professional advice before starting a project, there is a high risk that the tree could disrupt the work and become a safety hazard in the future. 
Complaints from neighbours 
There’s nothing worse than overgrown trees coming on to your side of the fence, branches getting in the way of you enjoying your garden or damaging your guttering. Neighbourly disputes can arise because of these reasons and while you can trim back a tree that’s coming on to your side as long as it is not under a preservation order, it’s not ideal. Maintain good relationships with your neighbours by keeping on top of tree maintenance. If your tree causes damage to your neighbours property you could end up with a hefty repair bill so always make tree trimming a priority. 
Storm damage 
British weather is unpredictable so when stormy weather strikes the results can be extremely damaging. Large trees are particularly vulnerable especially if they are close to your home or property so never underestimate how the weather might affect them. When storm damage occurs it’s time to call a professional tree surgeon who can remove the tree or get it back into a safe condition. 
At Browns Tree Solutions, we can provide a regular pruning service as well as emergency work for storm damage or diseased trees. All of our Arborists are fully qualified and undertake the agreed works in line with best industry practice so you get the best results. Hire a team that you can trust today. Get in touch with us to book your appointment. 
Your tree is dying 
Whether disease has taken hold of a tree beyond the point of recovery or its simply very old, if you suspect that your tree is dying then it needs to be cared for. Never try and handle the situation yourself as it is not safe for non-experienced individuals. Signs that your tree is dying include branches falling off, fewer or no leaves during warmer months, brittle trunk, patchy leaves, evidence of root damage and bug infestations. In many cases a dying tree can be treated through tree felling and other methods so as soon as you notice these changes get in touch with your local tree surgeon. 
Unwanted pests 
Think about the number of creatures and organisms that reside in your garden. While most of them are harmless and can co-exist with trees, some do pose a threat. If you can see an infestation within your tree or signs of an infestation such as entry holes, it's time to take action before your tree is completely destroyed. Pests work fast, so in a short amount of time a tree can be damaged structurally and become very weak so always hire a professional tree specialist who can take a look at giving the tree the treatment it needs. 
Very deep cracks in the bark 
Peeling bark or bark cracks are a sign that your tree’s health is deteriorating - this is often known as frost cracks. Freezing and thawing temperatures can cause cracks in the bark and when the bark contracts and expands the opening gets bigger and bigger. While this isn’t always a danger, it’s best to get it looked at so the tree can heal. Some trees are more susceptible to cracks and require more maintenance which tree surgeons can help with. 
Browns Tree Solutions: Your Local Arborist and Tree Surgeon For 20 Years 
From tree trimming to emergency work, at Browns Tree Solutions we’re the tree specialists that you can trust. Although we mainly work throughout Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas, we are happy to travel elsewhere. 
If you need help maintaining your garden or a tree on a commercial plot, our team can help. After assessing the condition of the tree, we’ll find the right solution to ensure that they are looked after properly and do not become a danger. As a family-run business, offering excellent customer service is a top priority for us and you can rest assured that all work is completed to a high standard. 
Look no further than us for professional domestic and commercial tree surgery. For more information about our services contact us today. 
When it comes to looking after your garden, many homeowners aren’t sure how to properly care for their trees. Luckily, most trees are very low maintenance however overgrown, diseased and old trees can cause problems in your garden if they don’t receive the right treatment and services - which is where tree experts come in. Hiring a professional tree maintenance team will keep your garden looking great. 
Here are three tree services that your trees can benefit from. 
There are a number of reasons why your trees should be pruned, but most importantly this kind of service will keep them healthy. Regular pruning will ensure that trees stay strong and revived all year round, as well as helping them to maintain their shape. Overgrown trees can cause issues especially if its located close to your home so always keep on top of tree and hedge pruning. 
Deadwooding and disease removal 
It’s very common for trees to become diseased and if you call the professional in early this is usually straight forward to solve. To ensure that diseased branches do not become dangerous, they can be removed so only the healthiest parts of the tree remain. Furthermore, deadwooding is another service that helps to maintain trees as they age. When branches die, they can be easily removed before they pose a risk of falling off and causing damage. 
Tree removal 
Sometimes after stormy weather or simply due to age, tree removal is the best course of action for vulnerable trees. Dismantling and felling are two techniques that are often used in tree removal, making your garden safe and preventing any damage. Tree removal is usually a last resort but if you have concerns about your plants is always best to call an experienced team. 
At Browns Tree Solutions we operate in across Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and surrounding areas. If you have domestic or commercial trees that require maintenance, our fully qualified team offer a range of services all year round. Contact us today for more information. 
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